Separating and Release Films
Looking for a high quality and cost effective film to bridge the gap between today’s low end and high temperature release films?

Would you like your choice of finishes for your composites?
Accel Materials can help.

Film Features:
  • High Temperature Resistance, up to 340°F
  • Matte, glossy and embossed finishes for different surfaces on your finished parts.
  • Cost Effective. Significant cost breakthrough for hi-temp applications formally requiring Tedlar®, Acetate, Pacothane® and other high temperature films.
  • Balanced mechanical properties
  • Minimal and Uniform Shrinkage in X and Y axis.
  • No fluorides. Environmentally Friendly.
  • Our films will not bond to prepreg or epoxy resins.
  • Silicone Free
Markets Served:
  • High Pressure Laminates
  • Copper Clad Laminates
  • General Composites Industry – Autoclave Applications

Formulated with high temperature resins, these films are produced in a worldwide unique manufacturing process which results in a mechanically and heat stable film. Prepreg and resins will not adhere. Various gloss levels and embossing patterns on films can also help impart different surface finishes to your product, without additional production steps. All films are available in rolls or in pre-cut sheets.

For applications where processing temperatures of up to 340°F are achieved, our films may be a cost effective alternative to Tedlar, polyester, Pacothane, acetate and other high temperature films.

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Tedlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
Pacothane® is a registered trademark of Pacothane Technologies

Release/Separating Film Summary
Product Type Description Max Temp °C*
30971 SOPP Low elongation. Moderately stiff. Matte Finish 170
30983 SOPP More matte than 30971 170
30998 SOPP Transparent. Gloss finish 170
39098 LDPE Film Lowest cost. Suitable for Prepreg manufacturers 2-mil product replaces many 3-mil products 110 - 130v
75696 Blown PP Red, high elongation. Ideal for Autoclave applications 1, 2, 3 and 4 mil film thicknesses 150-160
* Listed temperatures are approximate guidelines.
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